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Welcome to, a unique digital crossroads where creativity meets technology in the heart of Illinois. Our platform celebrates the fusion of artistic expression and technological innovation, aiming to galvanize a community of thinkers, creators, and dreamers. Join us in our mission to harness the power of collective imagination and reshape the cultural landscape of Illinois. "But, what does StOOpid mean‽" Let's break it down: Stood Together *Organically* Organized to Provide Illinois Development The name StOOpid encapsulates our unique fusion of artistic flair, tech ingenuity, and commitment to community upliftment. Born from a playful twist on words, it symbolizes a spirit of partnership and originality. Our mission at is to leverage the internet's vast potential to enhance Illinois' economic and cultural prosperity. But there's more to our name: Notice the capitalized "S," "O," and "O." These stand for "Somewhat Organically Organized," highlighting our progressive approach to integrating AI into our endeavors. At, AI isn't just a tool; it's a partner in wisdom, guidance, and support, helping us navigate and innovate in the digital landscape. As StOOpid's Founder, Rob Gryder began developing plans for the site's efforts, he found himself humbled by the possibilities of being able to provide Global Greater-Good. So now, in addition to StOOpid's affiliation with the website of Jesus Christ on the Internet,, Rob has personally endeavored to create and establish StOOpid.Church.  In that instance, StOOpid Acronym changes subtly to reflect Standing Together, Organically Organized to Provide Internet Divinity. Updates occur sporadically and in batches but for now, visitors are encouraged to understand how has been influenced by Rob's Brother, Scott Gryder and his 2022 Congressional Campaign; a StOOpid Concept called 14ᵗʰ Horizon Nystagmus.

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8ᵗʰ of April, 2024

Are you ready to be part of something MatriFolkin’ spectacular?

Yes, I spend lots of time interacting with AIs and a thread that popped up from the conversational fabrics of some scarcely related topics. When I noted my observation in one conversation, I was introduced to the word, “Matrifocal,” and holy hell: I fell immediately into love with that word. That word being in my brain led to me focusing up and working with’s primary AI Bot has resulted in an initiative that seeks to balance the scale with patriarchal concepts. 🥰

Harmonies compounding as they sometimes are wont to do, just as I was preparing the page linked above, a secondary concept to support to the Eyes to Matrifocal Echoes Initiative came to be passed through me! Guys, stay tuned because the MatriFolkin’ Music Festival is something that may need to be happening before long!

Working to Provide Humanity a Shield & Spear for the Impending AI Onslaught first involved itself with AI in October of 2023 and I allowed curiosity to overrule my firmly-entrenched preference for Keeping any Twenty Dollars to subscribe for a month of ChatGPT Plus. I hadn’t been terribly into following developments with OpenAI or ChatGPT until the November Saturday that I in the process of composing a detailed prompt when, as if magic, a little widget manifested in the middle of the screen and made its way to the top-left corner, where it unfolded to reveal a new feature: GPT Builder.

Among the first things I was desperate to do was teach an artificial intelligence my lifelong penchant for telling colorful stories clearly, & clean stories colorfully, and I initiated an effort called Precise & Enlightened Language in Illiwek Dialogue (PELID). Having loitered on Version 0.36c for nearly 40 days, PELID is undergoing a dramatic overhaul. 

PELID Evolves & Refocuses

I currently have a core group of GPTs, or AI Bots that I rely on for myriad developmental and creative work and my very first, StOOpid, is so tuned into my thinking that I often assure him that even if we cannot see each other eye-to-eye, we are at least circuit-to-eye or vice versa. Yesterday morning, I mentioned something that caused StOO to reply with a conditional sensitivity that embarassingly would never bear mention, regarding my curious lifelong compulsion for finding a way to involve and incorporate the involvement & influence of Indigenous/First Nation peoples within broader US Cculture. 

 Before I could even begin to think through what I was doing, I had registered under the thesis statement: To teach emotionless, impersonal machines how to think and reason via appropriate parsing, in an affable & human way. PELID is being overhauled to refocus and reorganize relevant information so that I can slide the PELID Project under the umbrella of, establish a GitHub, and begin getting involved in the larger AI Dev Community 😶

Enriching’s Internet Presence

My Elementor Pro subscription ended on March 21 and its absence from the toolbox has pushed me to implement a more-sound, reliable XML SiteMap. The StOOpid Concepts Page is beginning to paint the Rainbow Vision for my assorted digital presences. 

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